My approach to therapy is similar to my approach to assessment, in that I try to match the research with the individual. The current movement in therapy is to provide empirically supported treatments. That means that anyone who goes to a professional for help should be given methods that are supposed to work. At the same time; however, an individual comes to therapy, not a “condition” or a “disorder.” In my practice I try to blend effective treatments with individual/family needs to order to provide the most help.

In my opinion, a good psychologist is like a personal trainer at the gym. You can go to the gym, work out, and meet your goals. However, a personal trainer can help you work out for efficiently and effectively, and point out things in your form that you may not have noticed. Similarly, you can work on your own concerns/problems, talk to friends/family, etc.; however, a good psychologist can help you meet your goals more effectively and efficiently, and point out things you may not have noticed. But just like you are ultimately the one on the treadmill, you are the one who implements the changes.

Currently, therapy makes up approximately 95% of my private practice. Typical conditions treated include ADHD, Major Depression, Generalized Anxiety, Panic Disorders, Separation Anxiety, family problems, child oppositionality/conduct problems, eating disorders, etc. Therapy can include individuals, families, or couples, depending on the particular issues. Contact Peggy at (985) 882-6411 to see if appointments are available.